This page is intended to be an archive of old work, projects or items moved from the front page. Partly because I like having an easily accessible record and partly because I'm loath to scrap website work. For that reason it is not linked from a prominent place on my main site, though viewers can easily get to the front end from here.

Digital Painting



Chico State Game Studios: D.A.V.I.S.

D.A.V.I.S. is a psychological horror game developed in-house by CSGS. Set in an abandoned underground training facility (D.A.V.I.S.) the player interacts with the antagonist, a woman who has lost touch with reality due to her troubled past. D.A.V.I.S was three semesters long and developed in Unreal 3. 50+ students worked together to create D.A.V.I.S. Click on 'Chico State Game Studios: D.A.V.I.S.' to check out the website.

My role in D.A.V.I.S. was both support staff and content production, filling in where we were short team members.

Click the images for examples of texture work done for D.A.V.I.S.

Click the images for samples of more work done for D.A.V.I.S.


High Noon

Chico State Game Studios: High Noon

High Noon is an over-the-top steampunk flavored western set in California after the US government has collapsed. The player takes the role of Jekyll, a member of the township of Sutter's Mill, as he fights to protect his home from the clutches of the evil land baron Boz Novak. High Noon was a three semester long project. Semesters one & two were developed in Unreal 2004,semester three it was converted to Unreal 3. Click on 'Chico State Game Studios: High Noon' to check out the class website.

My role in High Noon was both support staff and content production, filling in where we were short team members.

Click the images for examples of texture work done for High Noon.


Graduate Thesis Project

The art of preproduction: From concept to computer

My culminating project for Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Applied Computer Graphics at CSU, Chico. The project was a study of techniques commonly used in the creation of textures for video games, then testing those techniques in order to find which produced the highest quality images to then be used in a real time digital environment. The result was the creation of a digital environment in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion with 60+ custom models and over 200+ custom textures, a 60 page paper and four tutorials.

  • The 28 MB paper with appendices can be downloaded here: PDF

Click the images for examples of texture work.


Aero Empire

Aero Empire Studios

Aero Empire was an indie project I work on as a texture artist, making diffuse, specular, transparency & normal maps for objects in the game. The project's style was steampunk-ish, but with less metal and more wood. One of our concept artists called it "Da Vinci Steampunk" but with an Eastern feel. Click on Aero Empire Studios to check out the Mod DB page.

Click the images for examples of my texture work done for Aero Empire.


Alpha Lounge

Alpha Lounge: An E9 Production

Alpha Lounge is a fast paced multiplayer game where players try to spell more words than their opponents from a randomly generated pool of letters. Up to 15 people can play Alpha Lounge at once. The game was developed for Chico State's Video Game Production class of 2007. Alpha Lounge was created by myself, Nathan Harling, Chris Funk & Alisha Thayer (Team E9).

Click the images for examples of work done for Alpha Lounge.